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22nd World Children's Baseball Fair 2012 in Mie, Nara & Wakayama

"I want to play baseball again with my friends from the world!"

jp.png From Mie, Age 11, Male [ID No.4829]

wcbf_2012_058.jpgDuring the fair, I was in the same group with team Venezuela at the baseball clinics. We practiced together every day. They were all tall, powerful and played very well. I had the most fun at the "Fly-ball station." At first I was not sure about my skills but I caught the ball twice out of three times! Also, I stayed in the same room with Czech kids and we had fun playing with yo-yos for more than one hour. It was sad when we had to say farewell. We cried and took many pictures. I will treasure the T-shirt and the hat with lots of signatures of friends I made at the fair. I wish we can meet and play baseball again when we grow up.

"Baseball connects the world together."

jp.png From Nara, Age10, Male [ID No.4873]

wcbf_2012_066.jpgI lost one of my teammates by the typhoon Talas last year. When I heard about this fair, I wished I could do something for our team and myself so I decided to apply for it. On the last day of the baseball clinics, we played games all day, and my team was a mixed-team of Japanese and Fijian friends. I was very nervous at first because I was assigned a position that I had never played. Plus, I was not even sure if we could manage "team play," but we all tried very hard cheering and covering each other, and as a result, I felt like the bonds of our team were tightened and we won all the games! We were so excited with a lot of hi-fives. I really felt that we can go beyond the language barrier through baseball and it connects the world all together! I thank you so much for holding the WCBF in Mie, Nara, and Wakayama to cheer up people in those stricken areas. Holding these wonderful memories in my heart, I will try my best to become the best baseball player who leads team Japan in the future.

"Friends of different languages."

jp.png From Wakayama, Age10, Female [ID No.4840]

wcbf_2012_069.jpgThere are two things about participating in the fair that I was glad the most. One is that I had a lot of fun playing baseball. I was very anxious at first if I could follow the other friends at the clinics because I had never played baseball before and I had played catch only a few times. On the very first day of the clinics, my day started kind of tense but the coaches taught me very nicely even when I did not understand or did not do well. Thanks to them, I came to like the practice, day by day. My other favorite thing is that I made friends with many people from different countries. The beginning was exchanging presents. I enjoyed going door to door with Japanese friends exchanging presents and I was very happy when they looked pleased receiving my present. I was so glad that I made many friends even though I did not understand their languages. It was very sad to say good-bye to them on the very last day and I did not want to leave at all. I really enjoyed taking part in the WCBF!!

"Next will be my turn!"

jp.png From Nara, Age 10, Male [ID No.4845]

wcbf_2012_062.jpgI made a lot of new friends at the baseball fair. I was nervous when I first met new people but it did not take long until my tension went away, as soon as we started talking together. Now, I really feel it was great to be chosen for the fair. Staff members were so nice and I even made friends with foreign people! I think about them every day. Shortly after the fair, I received a DVD of a bunch of pictures and a letter from my host staff. Also, a friend who lives in the same prefecture came to visit me after the fair. I miss them all. I wish I could go back in the time I was there. Every day was awesome and I know the memories will last for a lifetime. I will keep playing baseball and, in the future, I would like to be one of the WCBF staff to teach baseball to children.

"My lifetime memories."

jp.png From Chiba, Age11, Male [ID No.4874]

wcbf_2012_057.jpgI made friends with many people from the world through the WCBF. We got up early in the morning to play catch, played mini baseball games during spare time, and even talked about our future. We spent important moments together. We played a game at the end of the baseball clinic every day. We could not win for the beginning few days, however, on the last day, I felt like our passion became as one and we won all three games! Then, I thought great teamwork could beat any talented teams. I believe we won the games with our teamwork and smiles. I will cherish the bonds of our friendship we made during the 9 days. Participating in this fair will be my lifetime memories!

"I really enjoyed this Fair."

in.png From India, Age 10, Male [ID No.4771]

wcbf_2012_061.jpgKonnichi wa!
I really enjoyed my visit to Japan—it was even better than I had imagined! I liked staying at the Youth Center and I liked the staff there too. I loved the techniques of teaching baseball of the IBAF coaches. It was amazing to see how we were welcomed by the hosts and they saw us off. I know that Japanese people are very kind and I am grateful for the opportunity that you have provided to so many children like me to visit your beautiful country. I hope many of you will visit our country too and meet me when you do! Arigato gozaimasu!

"My memorable baseball experience in Japan."

nz.png From New Zealand, Age11, Male [ID No.4782]

wcbf_2012_056.jpgThank you for that fun and memorable baseball experience. I had the most fun I have ever had. The games after the training felt like a reward. The best thing on the trip was the beach day. I liked the yellow watermelon because it was just like the normal watermelon except a different color. The food there was amazing I especially liked the bento box. I made new friends and had heaps of fun. Someday I would like to come back and help the WCBF train the future children. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to Japan and learn more baseball skills.

"I really like Japan."

ci.png From Cote d'Ivoire, Age 10, Male [ID No.4747]

wcbf_2012_063.jpgI really liked the way we were welcomed and the way you are playing baseball. My favorite clinic was the pitching one. And I like the way you are eating with chopstick.
"Arigato gozaimas"

Letters from Previous WCBF Participants

17th World Children's Baseball Fair 2006 in Hokkaido

nl.png Bram Grooten [ID No.3814: Netherlands]

essay_2006_Bram_4.jpgKonichiwa WCBF-friends,
In 2006 I participated at the World Children's Baseball Fair in Sapporo, Japan. It was an awesome experience! I really liked the clinics and the little games with kids from all over the world. Also the food was really nice. With the four boys and one girl from the Netherlands, we had our own Japanese mentor/assistant/supporter: Yuki Ota. He was so kind! I still have contact with him on facebook. Also with other kids around the world, we email sometimes. The trip to the robot museum is also something I didn't forget. It was really cool, they even had a robot fish! And we made some more great trips, to the Sapporo Dome for example.
I am 17 years old now and I still play baseball of course. I'm in the fifth class at a high school in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. School's going great, and so is baseball. When I was 15 I played at the European Championship for age under 16. We finished in 3rd place. Today I was watching the Netherlands at the WBC (World Baseball Classic). They played very well, and I hope to play at the WBC myself when I'm older.
It would be really nice if the WCBF was organized in the Netherlands once in a while. I would really like to help organize the Fair, or give clinics, or be a mentor for a group. But that would be when I'm a little bit older probably.
Because I'm almost finished with my high school in the Netherlands (one year to go), I'm searching for colleges in America. My plan is to go there and follow a decent study and of course play a whole lot of baseball! After that, I want to get to the next level... the fun of baseball will always live!

Bram Grooten

March 2013


12th World Children's Baseball Fair 2001 in Ishikawa

be.png Louis Gillet [ID No.2805: Belgium]

essay_2001_Louis_3.jpgWCBF, this amazing gathering of young people from all over the world. I remember when my baseball club "Brussels Kangaroos" came and asked me, "Louis, do you want to try taking part of a international adventure in Japan ?" But did you just say ... Japan ?! At that time, I only was 11 years old. I had never been so far away from my country, Belgium. And afterwards came this national competition that needed to select 5 young lucky buddies in order to launch them into the WCBF experience. I'm so grateful that I've had this privilege. This was an unbelievable opportunity to meet new people accross the world. But not only teenagers, adults as well. We did so much activities, it was a deep cultural exchange. Learning new habits, food, manners, music, dances, cultural heritage from this beautiful country that is Japan. This event was so well organized, we were an enormous community. I gained maturity and became more open-minded. Today this baseball fair reminds me how lucky I am having took part of the WCBF 2001 edition. Today, I keep in touch with a very nice person called Kampei who is a Japanese coach that I met in Kanazawa. He said we would see again, later. Firstly, I didm't believed him. But actually, we did. Many years later, he did knock on my door in Brussels and we spent an afternoon reminding all those good memories. Those moments are the most valuable. Now, at the age of 23, I'm finishing my studies in Marketing. I am not playing baseball in a club any longer but maybe later I'll join one as I miss this sport. I spend most of my time playing music that is my passion. If this essay let me the opportunity to write down many great memories, I would like to use it in order to thank all the WCBF's organizers that are giving so much time and energy for young generations. Mixing sport and culture is very inspirational and make us living in a better world. Thank You WCBF !

Louis Gillet

Nov. 2013